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Sustainability is at the forefront of our design brief for Aquila and the use of concrete, steel, glass, and stone will enable a design that blends with the natural landscape.


All lots will be provided with an Electricity connection. Sewerage is a bio cycle system, and solar and battery may be added at anytime.


The beautiful architectural and landscaping design intent is protected by the estates covenants, put in place to protect and grow property investment capital gains.


Q: Do I have to own an aircraft or be a pilot to purchase a block?
A: No.  Aquila Estate is first and foremost a community gated estate and welcomes all.

Q: Is there an Architect included in the purchase?
A: We have included the services of an architectural building designer and project manager to work with you. This service includes the full design of your home from concept to preliminary design stage including a preliminary build budget.  Sit back and let them do all the hard work for you. By arrangement, Goldie Projects can manage your project beyond preliminary design through to construction completion providing an enjoyable and stress free process. (*terms and conditions apply)

Q: Is the airstrip sealed or grass?
A: There are two airstrips.  One is sealed asphalt and the other is grassed.

Q: Is this property outside of the flood region.
A: Yes, this property in Yengarie, elevated approximately 160ft above sea level has been carefully chosen to ensure it is well outside any floodplain zones.

Q: Are helicopters permitted?
A: Yes, conditions apply.

Q: Why are block prices so low?
A: Our mission is to make Aquila as affordable as possible and accessible to everyone.  As with all new construction, off plan pricing is offered in the early stages and prices tend to increase as sales and stages sell out.  Aquila is offering an off plan price special for the 1st 20 lots sold with periodic increases as each block is sold

Q: Can I build a house without a hangar?
A: Yes, however the design of the house must have an allowance for a hangar to be built at a later stage and the design must conform to the covenants and by-laws. Get in touch for more info.

Q: When is the project to begin?
A: Civil construction works including the new airstrip will commence in 2023.  The team is working hard for Stage 1 to be completed by end of 2023.

Q: Can I buy my preferred block now?
A: Yes, interest is high so get in touch before you lose your desired block.

Q: Can I land on the airstrip now to visit the property?
A: No. The airstrip is being completely reengineered and constructed to the highest standards and will not be ready for visitors until Winter 2023. Register your interest or enter the Bose headset raffle to keep up to date with our first fly in event.

Q: What are the circuit procedures?
A: You can find this information downloadable below. This is also available via NOTAMS, Country Airstrip Guide, on Avplan or Ozrunways.  Or, get in touch and we can send them to you.

Q: Will you be having any Fly-In events?
A: Yes, we are planning on holding an annual fly-in event Winter/Spring 2023. A lot of time and effort is going into the planning behind this event – please subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date with this development.

Q: When will the clubhouse, pool and tennis court be built?
A: The developer is managing the design and relevant building approvals for the amenities.  Funding and construction of the clubhouse, tennis court and pool will be managed by the body corporate and is planned to commence when the final stage is underway.

Q: Who will have access to the Estate and Clubhouse?
A: Aquila is a secure gated community. Only block owners and flying club members will have access to the estate.

Q: How will my guest gain access at the entrance gate?
A: We have smart technology solutions for security access at the gate.

Q: Can non-owners fly-in?
A: Yes by invitation by a block owner only, and they be must present on arrival and departure. The visitor will need to have completed the airfield operations induction form online and approved by the On-site Manager.

Q: Is this in controlled airspace?
A: No, Aquila is not in controlled airspace and there is also no glider or parachute operations allowed.

Q: Is the estate pet friendly?
A: Yes. dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles etc are allowed. Dogs must be contained within the large back yards and must be on leash at all times when walked within the estate. There is a marked area along the nature walk where dogs may be off leash.

Q: Will there be an onsite manager?
A: Yes, an onsite facilities manager will be resident on site.

Q: Will there be a shared workshop facility?
A: Yes, Aquila has a dedicated workshop hangar stocked with most basic tools and machinery suitable for servicing your aircraft. Booked via our online booking system.

Q: Will the airstrip have runway lighting for IFR?
A: No, this is intended for VFR daytime flights only. However, Maryborough Airport YMYB can accommodate IFR arrival.


Aquila Estate and Airpark will have an onsite manager to ensure the ongoing upkeep and maintenance is done to grounds, and the shared facilities of our clubroom and workshop hangars. They will also uphold the rules and regulations of the estate thus ensuring that a safe and well kept environment is in place.



Victor spent his earlier years progressing through back breaking tradie ranks in residential and commercial construction to site manager and then construction manager. During this period he volunteered his boots-on-the-ground to various nature conservation campaigns, flying Cessna 210s transporting injured or orphaned wild game to rehabilitation centres – he has very fond memories of this time and continues to do his part in conserving and protecting our natural world. He later specialised a tailored and unique consultancy service as a design manager, project director and lead construction management consultant for government and private developers.

Victor shares his passion for flying with his wife and four children whom are regulars at fly in events across the region. He has built a Vans RV12 with his son, and owns a LSA that he uses to travel to development projects across QLD and NSW. Aquila Estate is an extremely exciting development, of which Victor is driven to create a unique aviation estate never before seen in Australia, for Aquila to set the new benchmark for Airparks and private Flying Clubs across Australia.

For his full bio, please click here:


Justin began as a commercial pilot flying King Air 1900’s across Africa for DHL and the Red Cross and finished his flying career with South African Express on the Canadair regional jets.

He then moved into commercial construction and property development, and moved to Australia in 2009, completing a Masters degree in Construction Building Surveying, and a Masters of Real Estate and Valuation.

Currently the owner of RE/MAX Regency, a multi-award winning real estate business on the Gold Coast, it has grown into one of the most successful RE/MAX franchises in Australia. RE/MAX Regency has been the #1 performing single office for the RE/MAX Australia network Since 2013.

With Justin’s career now in Real Estate, and aviation still very much a part of life, the opportunity to develop Aquila Estate and Flying club is a dream come true.


With an extremely successful track record spanning over 35 years in sales and owning and operating businesses in Africa, Asia & Australia, Russel has mastered the art of doing business & communicating with various cultures & nationalities.

Having sold, bought & developed millions of dollars worth of real-estate, Russel specialises in new developments and has the experience and required skills to take new developments to market and to negotiate a positive outcome for all parties.

Russel’s ability to communicate with people contributes to his understanding of the requirements associated with developing, buying and selling a property.

His hand’s on approach with new developments enables him to be the middleman keeping the communication channel open from developer to buyer.

Attention to detail, honesty, integrity, reliability and a commitment to service is the benchmark to which Russel attributes his success.


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    Welcome to Aquila Estate, a coastal forest estate designed with a gentle touch to fit luxury living into the surrounding environment.

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